Dale Carnegie Honor Society

"People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, need never worry about what the future has in store for them."

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Dale Carnegie Honor Society is open to all high school, undergraduate and graduate institutions and students who express a sincere desire to join our organization through the establishment of local chapters linked to academic institutions. It is strongly encouraged that a relationship between the establishing Chapter and the local franchise owner of Dale Carnegie & Associates be established. Our intent is to make the process of establishing a Chapter at your institution as easy as possible.

Let's get started...

The first step in the process is to identify a staff or faculty member who, ideally, has had the Dale Carnegie experience as a graduate of the course, who is willing to serve as the Chapter Advisor. The advisor will need to consult with the host institution to ensure that they are following the rules and policies for forming an academic honor society. It is the responsibility of the Advisor to assemble and forward the Chapter Application packet to the National Office.

Chapter Application Packet

Individual Membership